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Show me your Brave Heart
Earlier today I was browsing Youtube, as I tend to do sometimes, and I decided on a whim to look up BlackWarGreymon.

And I was impressed.

Not that there were a lot of tribute videos, no, because that in itself is nothing. But the comments. It seemed that everyone commenting on all of the videos had something constructive to say, fond well wishings for the fallen Dark Knight or comments about how they loved the show as a child and BlackWarGreymon was their favorite, rather than the usual youtube spew of "UR A FAG" "NU UR A FAGOTT"

Don't worry, you are not alone. He was my favorite too.

I admit it.... I cried when he died. I don't mean sad kiddie cry either. Real tears. Real grief. I /loved/ BlackWarGreymon. I felt like I could relate to him, being depressed and confused and more often than not ANGRY with the world.

I'm glad to see that fans can unite under a common banner to comemorate his great sacrafice.

Rest in Peace, Warrior of Darkness. We Miss You Dearly.


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