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Feelin' Pretty CRANKED
Today was pretty fucking awesome, I can't lie. Remember, a few posts back, me talking about that book? You know, CRANK?

Today I got to meet the author herself. She was absolutely amazing to see in real life. She was so witty and funny. I especially LOVED the part where she paused in the middle of the lecture she was giving to mention how much she HATED Twilight because of how unrealistic and stupid it was. I loved her forever for that.

After the lectures I took my copy of the book up to her and asked her to sign it. She commented that she liked my name, and I told her about how the book had really touched my heart. The story of her own daughter is so similar to my mother's. One bad choice she made as a teenager ruined her life forever. The addiction finally became too much for my mom, and it overwhelmed her. It ended her life.

She hugged me, then told me to hold onto my dreams. I thanked her for signing my book and we parted ways. I really wished I could have had more time with her. There were so many things I wanted to ask her. So many things I wanted to talk to her about.

She really is a brilliant woman. I'd adore to see her again.

Also, obligatory bump for her books CRANK and GLASS, both of which I've read now. They're BRILLIANT books. It really shows the world for what it really is. I'm hoping to pick up Burned and Impulse tomorrow when I make my monthly trek up to the book store.


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